Save money in the treatment and disposal of sludge and wastewater. With a Matec filter press you will have cakes of dried mud with a residual moisture content of 15%, easy to dispose of and which occupy less space. The high-pressure technology (HPT) enables our filter presses to get the best results and reduce the cycle time.



The Matec silos decanters, vertical and horizontal ones clarify the water perfectly and work continuously. The design and the angle of inclination of the cone for the vertical one are the result of years of experience, to get the mud to the required density and clean water. Our decanters are made of stainless steel.



The two Matec accessories to improve performances: TT2 Fast, the system with dedicated pistons that reduces the opening time of the plates of the filter press down to 5 minutes for 200 plates; Shaker Gasser, dedicated hydraulic pistons to ensure no residue can remain attached to the filter cloths, by shaking the plates through gravity.


The Filter Press

The filter press is the best technical/commercial solution for the solid/liquid separation, It uses the pressure provided by a sludge pump. 

As fixed volume filter, it is designed to work with a specific quantity of solids with the pressure produced by the feeding pump during the separation process.
The filter press can also be used as a filter for "cleaning up", by removing small amounts of solids from a stream. For this type of application, the filter is dimensioned according to the maximum area that can be filtered and to the maximum hydraulic production.
It can also be used as a "variable volume" filter and, in this case, it uses a filtering plate known as plate diaphragm or membrane.

There are two main components:
- Frame
- Plate pack

The frame parts remain essentially the same and are:
- Mud head
- Mobile Plate
- Hydraulic cylinder
- Collector

The plate pack is where the real separation between liquid and solid occurs. It consists of a series of filtering elements (plates) that form a series of chambers held together by the frame.



Video Streaming 

3D video of a complete filtration and clarification plant working.

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The CUBE, the first 100% mobile plant of the world.

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miniere-mineraliIn the mining sector, the filter press is used for the tailing and the concentrate. 

Processed rocks, coal and clay may contain a wide range of heavy materials, such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, iron, manganese, aluminium and nickel.

cave-inertiAggregates like gravel and in particular sand, because of their applications, need to be washed to recover fine particles and eliminate the silt which adheres to their surfaces. 

Matec filter press allows to get rid of settling ponds and produces dry cakes easy to stock and dispose of, it also recovers water which is particularly important in dry areas.

marmoIn marble, granite and stone working, either in quarries or workshops or stone processing factories, water has multiple applications.

Matec filter press is perfect to produce dry cakes with a 15% residual moisture and recover 99% of water, occupying the minimum amount of space.

cementoThe water used for the washing of trucks and mixers must be treated in order to be recovered and cement remains must be disposed of or recovered at the end of the working cycle.

MATEC offers two options in their plants for the clarification of water derived from pump and cement mixer washing in concrete and cement plants.

vetroIn the glass workshops, the water must be treated to remove the residue deriving from glass working.

Whereas in the ceramic sector, the filter press can be used for the disposal of the slurry deriving from ceramic working or for the preparation of the ceramic pulp for the ceramic production process.

trattamento-ambienteThe recycling sector is the one dedicated to the recovery of material deriving from crushing processes and soil washing. The material has to be washed to remove the polluting part, decontaminating it.

chimicoMatec machines and plants can be applied to other sectors.

Wherever there is slurry to be treated Matec is the best solution on the market.